Home Health & Hospice Coding Services

Coding, OASIS Review, PDGM Preparation

With over 20 years of experience in the Home Health and Hospice industry,

Select Data is uniquely qualified to assist your agency in turning operational challenges into revenue generating opportunities.


Let us help your agency identify how OASIS and coding errors are impacting your bottom line by reviewing your documentation and coding practices and showing you how to make strategic improvements for PDGM preparations.

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OASIS Review

Our experts read narrative notes and detect errors that automated OASIS scrubbers can miss. Let us show you how improving accuracy in your OASIS Assessments can improve patient care, coding and PDGM preparations.

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Professional, expert coding with our SmartCare™ predictive modeling eliminates coding errors and minimizes QEs to provide more accurate reimbursement and decreased risk of audit.

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We are HIPAA Compliant

At Select Data, HIPAA compliance isn’t just a philosophy we subscribe to, it’s a way of life.

Under HIPAA’s Privacy Rule, Select Data is a Business Associate. A Business Associate or BA is defined as any person(s) or entity, which performs a function or activity on behalf of a Covered Entity (CE) and involves the use or disclosure of Protected Health Information (PHI). Examples include “Law firms, accountants, information technology companies – billing services – are ‘BAs.'” HIPAA HITECH makes business associates directly subject to the HIPAA security rule, including physical and technical safeguards, and documentation. At Select Data, we take HIPAA and compliance very seriously. We have undertaken various steps to ensure we are fully compliant and your data is protected.

The services at Select Data are designed to assure HIPAA compliance in the following way:

  • Every employee enters into a confidentiality agreement, the terms of which state that they agree not to use, publish or disclose, or permit others to use, any confidential information they may come in contact with.
  • Violation of this agreement warrants termination and legal action.
  • Access cards are used for screening control entry of employees into the facility. Our facility is secured 24 X 7 and unauthorized intrusion is practically impossible.
  • Access to critical areas such as the server room is restricted and only authorized personnel have entry rights to these sensitive areas.
  • Full Internet/Email access is provided to only authorized personnel. Access to computer systems is restricted by logins and passwords, which is unique for every employee.
  • A dedicated Compliance Officer ensures compliance management processes, which are updated regularly and are stringently adhered to.