Select Data Improves Star Ratings For Home Health and Hospice Agencies

Star Ratings…stuck at a 3? See How Select Data Improves Ratings.


The Overall Star Rating gives an overall rating of the plan’s quality and performance for the types of services each plan offers. For plans covering health services, this is an overall rating for the quality of many medical/health care services that fall into 5 categories:

  • Staying healthy: screening tests and vaccines. Includes whether members got various screening tests, vaccines, and other check-ups to help them stay healthy.
  • Managing chronic (long-term) conditions: Includes how often members with certain conditions got recommended tests and treatments to help manage their condition.
  • Member experience with the health plan: Includes member ratings of the plan.
  • Member complaints and changes in the health plan’s performance: Includes how often Medicare found problems with the plan and how often members had problems with the plan. Includes how much the plan’s performance has improved (if at all) over time.
  • Health plan customer service: Includes how well the plan handles member appeals (, 2016).

Select Data’s OASIS Review and Coding services improve the agency’s Star Ratings by ensuring the patient’s fragility is captured appropriately with each quality episode.  This allows the patients that can improve to be reflected in the STAR Rating calculation and those patients who are not likely to improve in that outcome measure to not be calculated in the agency’s Star Ratings.

For more information regarding Star Ratings and OASIS Review and Coding services for your agency, contact Select Data 1.800.332.0555

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