Report: 30 Percent of Healthcare Databases Exposed Online

Exposed Healthcare Databases On the Dark Web


According to Healthcare Informatics (2018), a new cybersecurity research report indicates that exposed databases from healthcare organizations are a vulnerable target for hackers using the dark web to commoditize stolen personally identifiable information (PII). The IntSights study, “Chronic [Cyber] Pain: Exposed & Misconfigured Databases in the Healthcare Industry,” breaks down how hackers are locating medical PII and delves into this crucial area of vulnerability for healthcare organizations. The report notes that because of open access or poor configuration, newer platforms may still be susceptible as well as older programs (Landi, 2018).

Moreover, according to which a site dedicated to tracking data breaches since 2009 states, “Hackers are using the Dark Web to buy and sell personally identifiable information (PII) stolen from healthcare organizations, and exposed databases are a vulnerable attack surface for healthcare organizations, according to a new cybersecurity research report” (Dissent, 2018). There are many avenues cybercriminals can take to get into private networks, lax security is making  Internet of Things devices ripe targets (Siwicki, 2017). That’s why it is crucial Hospital systems and Home Health Agencies must take steps to ensure their networks are secure.

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