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PPS final rule increases agencies’ payments for 2019, finalizes PDGM


Now in the third week of January, 2019 and the PDGM model will be here in less than a year. Medicare-certified home care agencies need to begin NOW to prepare for the 2020 transition to a Patient-Driven Groupings Model. The proposed PDGM model, required by the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018, is intended to remove current incentives to over-provide therapy services and changes the 60-day episode of care unit of payment to 30 days according to CMS. Also, a new set of groupings for the patient – diagnosis and functional levels – will be introduced that determines the patient’s reimbursement for the new 30-day episode. The PDGM model is planned for implementation on January 1, 2020 (Harris, 2018).

Home care agencies should focus on several areas within their agency in order to prepare for PDGM. The fits area of concern should be the referral systems. According to Home Health Care News’ Kaitlyn Mattson, “CMS’ move to shake up case mix specifically in regard to referral source is, at least in part, due to data and the agency’s belief that patients coming from institutional settings are typically sicker and, thus, need more care and resources.” Moreover, ““60% of referrals come from the community,” Gina Mazza, director of the regulatory and compliance division at Fazzi Associates, told HHCN. “Every agency needs to understand how they specifically will be impacted by this new payment model. This is an area agencies really need to think about—what’s my patient population look like? Where do my referrals come from? Are there opportunities for me to make any changes?” Mazza added, “Referral source is always an area agencies want to work on, cultivate” (Mattson, 2018).

Another area is staff education which is key to smoother PDGM transitions. Supporting on-the-ground staff may be the key to an easier PDGM transition. “Having the resources available to do the education—to stay on top of making sure nurses understand and are able to still spend the amount of time they want with their patients while fulfilling all the new requirements [will be paramount],” Susan Adams, vice president and administrator at Masonicare Home Health and Hospice (Mattson, 2018).

Now finalized by CMS, there will be a learning curve with PDGM until staff becomes more comfortable with the intricacies of the rule. Agencies need to set aside a significant amount of time and attention so they can work with staff, so that assessments and documentations are really tight, Joy M. Cameron, vice president of policy and innovation at ElevatingHom said (Mattson, 2018).

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