New Changes for OASIS C2 Data Sets Revisions

New OASIS C2 Revisions: Thinking about finalizing your OASIS-C2 forms? Read this before you do.


November 8, 2016, new revisions to OASIS-C2 item set. Select Data’s very own Compliance Officer, Susan Carmichael, MS, RN, CHCQM, and VP of Services Integration, Pam Hernandez, found an issue with multiple OASIS answers in the latest release from CMS for the OASIS-C2 Guidance Manual 6-29-16. Carmichael notified the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services of these inconsistencies last month. A corrected version of the OASIS C-2 Item Set, correcting 2 minor typos on page 3 of the all-time points version, has been posted on the OASIS Item Set page. The document can be found in the Downloads section (CMS, 2016).

For a full review of these OASIS-C2 corrections and more, attend our free 30-minute Select Connects with Clinicians webinar on December 14, 2016. Click here to read more.


Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (2016). OASIS Data Sets. Retrieved from:

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