Coding and Billing

Home Health and Hospice claims must be submitted following the ICD-10 CM Guidelines. Learn more about the changing regulations effecting today’s Home Health and Hospice Agencies.


How do you know your agency is accurately billing for all of the services your clinicians are providing your patients? Many agencies are not aware of the cumulative monetary losses due preventable errors.


Home Health and Hospice agencies are under continued scrutiny from MAC, RAC, and ZPIC Auditors.  We’ve gathered the information and tools you need to remain compliant to the ever-changing regulation.

OASIS Assessments

Accurate OASIS Assessments and proper coding go hand in hand to create accurate billing and revenue retention.  Learn how improving your clinicians OASIS skills can increase your revenue.

New Quality Initiatives and Your Falls Risk Program

Clinical Practices

New evidence-based practices promise to improve the outcomes for home health patients.  Learn more about the newest research and clinical guidelines and how to adapt them to your agency’s protocols.

Care Plan Oversight

Home Health and Hospice agencies rely on physician management and evaluation practices  for the implementation of complex, unskilled care plans for patients at risk because of underlying conditions or complications.