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HIPAA Compliant Documentation Supports Your Agency’s Services. Read this to find out.


Supporting HIPAA Compliant Documentation

HIPAA can be complex. As HIPAA compliance experts, Select Data has created a checklist to help you self-assess the status of your organization’s compliance. With OCR/HHS HIPAA audits on the rise, there’s never been a better time to understand what needs to be done to become HIPAA compliant and how far along in the process you already are.

Select Data provides professional coding services to Home Health and Hospice agencies and are industry experts in the language of CMS. We assist agencies with the accurate representation of their patient. To find out how Select Data can help you improve coding accuracy check out our OASIS review and coding services.

To download the HIPAA Compliance Checklist fill out the information below

Check out our FREE 30-minute webinar for OASIS-C2 corrections and more. Select Connects with Clinicians webinar on December 14, 2016. Click here to read more.


Select Data is committed to a strong compliance program that includes educating all personnel on mitigating HIPAA breaches. For more information about Select Data and their commitment to quality in Home Health and Hospice, call 1.800. 332.0555.
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