Coding and OASIS Assessment Review Services

Coding should provide an accurate picture of the patient’s clinical condition and help drive the focus of care. Coding to the highest level of specificity is a necessary part of providing quality care. It is not enough to review the entire integrated OASIS assessment for completeness and congruency. We query the agency clinician on incongruencies between the physician orders, clinical record and patient’s condition. Our process changes behavior because we engage the clinician when suggesting changes. Have you outsourced coding? Are you happy with it?

Features and Benefits

  • Improved Documentation
  • Accurate Coding
  • Compliant Billing
  • Reduced ADRs (Less than 1% ADR rate)
  • Lower Re-hospitalization Rates (up to 40% reduction in reported hospital readmissions)
  • Improvement in STAR Ratings
  • Less than a 1% Claim Denial rate


Home Health Care Billing & Coding Services


Professionalize your coding with our MasterCoding™ process and eliminate coding errors, reduce delays in reimbursement and decrease your risk of audit while capturing unclaimed revenue.

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Let us help your agency identify how errors are impacting your bottom line by reviewing your documentation and coding practices and showing you how to make strategic improvements.

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OASIS Review

Our experts read narrative notes and detect errors that automated OASIS scrubbers can miss. Let us show you how improving accuracy in your OASIS Assessments can improve patient care and coding.

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Revenue Management

We simultaneously validate claims and ensure billing requirements are met, while records are coded for billing.  We submit billing, post payments, and provide your agency with detailed financial statements.

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