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Coding should provide an accurate picture of the patient’s clinical condition and help drive the focus of care. Coding to the highest level of specificity is a necessary part of providing quality care. It is not enough to review the entire integrated OASIS assessment for completeness and congruency. We query the agency clinician on incongruencies between the physician orders, clinical record and patient’s condition. Our process changes behavior because we engage the clinician when suggesting changes. Have you outsourced coding? Are you happy with it?

Select Data provides professional coding services to Home Health and Hospice agencies and are industry experts in the language of CMS. Select Data helps reduce reportable hospital readmissions up to 40%. We assist agencies with the accurate representation of their patient. To find out how Select Data can help you improve coding accuracy check out our OASIS review and coding services.

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Select Data is committed to a strong compliance program that includes educating all personnel on mitigating HIPAA breaches. For more information about Select Data and their commitment to quality in Home Health and Hospice, call 1.800. 332.0555.

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