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Wounds and OASIS Documentation

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Wounds and OASIS Documentation Presentation

Wounds and OASIS Documentation Key Facts


Upon completion of this session, attendees will be able to:

  • Documenting surgical wounds
  • Identifying and documneting skin ulcers
  • Documenting other skin lesions and skin alteration
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How do I Properly Document Wound Care?

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Wound Care coverage must have specific physician orders for one or all of the following:

  • Instruction/teaching on the wound care
  • Performance of the specific wound care
  • Assessment as to wound site progress/complications
NOTEDocumentation must include type of wound with size, depth, drainage, odor, color, skin condition, with specific interventions provided as ordered by the physician. Wound care is under significant scrutiny.
  • A stasis ulcer with a status of early/partial granulation adds two points to the Home Health Resource Group (HHRG). A “not healing” status adds 11 points. Auditors will look for the specific documentation to support each.
  • In addition, an early/partial granulation adds 25 supply points and not healing adds 36 points. (CMS –Regulation number 1560-F)
Note: Inadequate venous circulation to the affected area should be clearly documented. No such documentation leaves a visit suspect.  

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