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Coding, OASIS Review, PDGM Preparation

With over 20 years of experience in the Home Health and Hospice industry,

Select Data is uniquely qualified to assist your agency in turning operational challenges into revenue generating opportunities.


Professional, expert coding with our SmartCare™ predictive modeling eliminates coding errors and minimizes QEs  to provide more accurate reimbursement and decreased risk of audit.

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Let us help your agency identify how OASIS and coding errors are impacting your bottom line by reviewing your documentation and coding practices and showing you how to make strategic improvements for operations and PDGM preparation.

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OASIS Review

Our experts read narrative notes and detect errors that automated OASIS scrubbers can miss. Let us show you how improving accuracy in your OASIS Assessments can improve patient care, coding and PDGM preparation.

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Predictive Modeling for Professional, Expert Coding

Our certified coders and RNs work with your clinical staff to ensure your documentation is complete and your records are coded to the highest level of specificity.  Eliminate coding errors, minimize QEs under PDGM, reduce delays in reimbursement, and decrease your risk for audit.


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