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Top 5 Questions Home Health Providers Ought To Be Asking About HHGM

HHGM-Game Changer?


HHGM proposal is expected to reduce Medicare payment to providers by up to $4 billion. Unlike the current system, the groupings model doesn’t rely on the number of therapy visits performed to influence payment. It instead will rely heavily on clinical characteristics and other patient information such as diagnosis, functional level, comorbid condition and admission source according to CMS. The changes to the payment system would address the issues MedPAC identified in the home health PPS March 2017 report that noted both the incentives and the payment levels in the current payment system needed to be overhauled. Following the recommendations from the MedPAC report, Congress is attempting through new legislation to provide the Secretary of DHHS the authority to make assumptions about provider behavior, provide notice of those assumptions and implement them through comment rule-making in CY 2019.

Top 5 questions Home Health Providers ought to be asking

  1. Is Congress giving the secretary authority to set payment without constraints?
    According to H,R. 3992 which was introduced in the House of Representatives on October 6, the Secretary would have the authority to set payments for 30 day periods and to revise that model through notice and comment rule-making.
  2. What consequences have occurred with the MedPAC reporting?
    It was MedPAC who suggested to Congress that providers had been adjusting their services based on reimbursement to increase financial margin. MedPAC has stated that the ACA rebasing provisions aren’t enough and that the appearance is that home health growth is slowing, it is still growing and only appears that way statistically because five states under pre claim review and increased scrutiny have decreased their utilization. MedPAC will continue to assess for trends related to reimbursement and provider response to those patterns.
  3. Is our industry under fire because of expected industry growth?
    Over the past decade, a lot of attention has been paid to the baby boomers turning the Medicare age of 65. This increase in potential patients is one of the reasons home health is expected to be the fastest growing marketplace in all of healthcare for the next decade. With 82.6% of Home Health patients over the age of 65, Medicare or a Medicare Advantage plan is responsible for a large portion of payments, as such the government has a vested interest in controlling costs. Healthcare costs are controlled by decreasing the volume of people using the service, decreasing reimbursement for the service and decreasing the cost of doing business.
  4. Can HHGM actually give me greater control over my payment?
    The higher degree of differences in potential payment, the more control over reimbursement received. What on the surface appears to be a model composed of more straightforward categorizations is, in fact, a differentiator. Does this mean the HHGM is without problems, no, but this will most likely be ironed out over the next year.
  5. What should I do in 2019?
    According to Elevating Home, an agency may expect a decrease in their Medicare reimbursement up to 17% with the new HHGM payment model. The new bill proposes that HHGM be delayed until CY2020 to provide organizations with the opportunity to prepare for the changes coming, but many providers may not know where to start.

Select Data has created SmartCare which has an HHGM predictive analytics model formed by our data science team that analyzes your historical episodes and compares them to the HHGM model to identify potential loss in revenue. SmartCare will be able to provide indicators to support these predictions and will have the capability to offer observations to prevent potential loss using prescriptive analytics. With the information SmartCare can produce, providers have the opportunity to start implementing changes needed to combat the future decline in revenue. Some agencies may be more prepared than others, but with the significant impact HHGM will make, isn’t it worth a conversation? Visit us at Booth 530 at NAHC to find out how to winFREE HHGM analysis.

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