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The Surveillance and Utilization Review Subsystem (SURS)

Predictive Analytics or Provider Profiling? Call it what you want, is your agency being monitored by CMS and/or state Medicaid etal? And, have you directly triggered an alert? Or, are physicians that sign orders for your agency patients being investigated? Should you be aware that your agency could trigger a PPS RAC, MAC, or Z-PIC […]

CODING 2012: ICD-10-CM is Upon Us Next Year

Agency leaders know that now more than ever, coding is driving payment and is a focus of audit by RACs, MACs, and Z-PICs. It is imperative that the primary diagnosis, primary secondary diagnosis, and sequencing of all codes clearly delineate the picture of the patient and his/her condition. The codes are the Table of Contents […]

Documentation, Edits, and Auditors, Are You at Risk?

In September and October, the ezine and nation-wide teleconference presented by Select Data will focus on Documentation and Compliance. Check the Select Data website for dates for the teleconference:  Documentation Requirements for Compliant Billing. This week’s article: Documentation, Edits, and Auditors, Are You at Risk? Let’s Talk Documentation and Edits Medicare has been called the […]