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Star Ratings...Stuck at a 3? A Select Data collaboration improves Star Ratings

Are Your Agency’s Star Ratings Setting You Up for Potential Issues?


Every quarter CMS releases an update to the Home Health Compare Site and with that update comes an updated STAR rating.  STAR ratings were born out of a need to simplify the representation of care provided by an agency.  Prior to the institution of the STAR rating CMS developed the Home Health Compare site.  This site was designed to provide a consumer with more information so they can make better choices in their care.  One of the complaints with the site is that it was complicated and difficult for the consumer to discern the quality of care an agency provides.  CMS responded to this by developing a methodology to simply represent the quality of care an agency is providing.  Since STAR ratings are familiar to individual consumers from reviews such as the Michelin and various satisfaction surveys it was thought that it would translate well to population.  Unfortunately, the resemblance to common opinion surveys is misleading as the consumer surveys for books, restaurants and hotels are averages and the STAR rating is a ranking. That means that all agencies are ranked based on the quality of the care they provide as compared to other agencies.  An agency can give stellar care and still find themselves at a 3, which is considered below average compared to other home health agencies.  This is a distinct difference but isn’t easy to understand and many providers are finding themselves frustrated with the never budging “3 STARS”.

The STAR ratings are based on 9 measures of quality that indicate overall performance.  These 9 measures are divided into four categories.

Select Data assists their partners in improving their STAR ratings and reducing their reportable hospital readmissions through a process of reconciliation, translation and recommendation.  We reconcile the clinical record identifying and rectifying inconsistencies and incongruences.  We translate your patient accurately and appropriately into the language that CMS understands, diagnosis codes and OASIS responses.  We provide recommendations to our partners on each record, for each agency, and with each OASIS-assessing clinician.  With an 18% turnover of clinicians, patients discharged home with more acute needs and a rapidly growing census, Select Data wants to do our part to assist with caring for our seniors by allowing our partners to focus on the care while we focus on the data.  After all, it’s more than just coding.

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