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Full-Service Revenue Management

Select Data’s Revenue Cycle Management offers a full-service solution to all of your coding, billing, collections, and compliance problems.  Our clients enjoy the benefit of predictable cash flow and the lowest bad debt ratios in the industry

Ever-changing regulations make it difficult for your home health and hospice agency to submit claims for payment. Failure to comply with new coding standards results in coding errors and claim submission errors.

Claims are delayed—or worse, denied, making cash flow unreliable because of how difficult it is to track and resolve issues that cause payment delays.

SelectData™ simultaneously processes patient eligibility, codes clinical records for billing, and ensures that all compliance and billing submission requirements and edits are met. We accurately code your records and submit your claims electronically for billing to all payer types. We provide systematic collections, ensuring that claims are accurately paid and that payments are posted to the outstanding accounts receivable for reconciliation and financial reporting. Our detailed reporting gives your agency confidence in compliant and accurate billing and allows for cash flow predictability.

  • Verification of Patient Eligibility
  • Specialists in all Payer Types
  • Monthly Benchmarking
  • Compliance Reports
  • Cash Posting

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Through the use of our financial management software SelectAgencyManager™

,you manage the day to day operations of scheduling and while we manage your billing and maintain compliance.

We simultaneously process patient eligibility, validate claims and ensure billing requirements are met, while records are coded for billing.  Run any one of over 300 reports to ensure your agencies compliance at every level of your operations.

Track Orders

Fax orders to physician without the need to print and mail

Schedule Visits

Automatically link visits to scheduling

Manage Clinicians

Manage clinician activities and track payroll


Compliant Billing

Submit billing through order center scheduling model

Manage Cash Flow

Manage account receivables for all payer classes

Run Reports

Over 300 automated reports available


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