Select Data provides home health and hospice agencies with a comprehensive coding service, including Clinical Documentation and OASIS review, OASIS and Coding Recommendations, and detailed reporting resulting fully realized reimbursements for services rendered.

OASID D is coming soon

This year, your agency will face unprecedented challenges in the countdown to the OASIS D/ICD-10-CM implementation deadline.  Though the official interpretive guidance manual won’t be finalized until November, the changes are scheduled to go into effect in January 2019. To ensure your agency is prepared to comply with the new coding conventions, now is the time to review your processes, documentation, and staffing levels.

CMS is predicting a 50% loss of productivity due to the introduction of over 70,000 new procedure codes and 55,000 new diagnosis codes. Initial pilot results also showed an accuracy rate of only 63%, which is predicted to lead to higher ADR and denial rates.  Preparing your agency is daunting and expensive, and mistakes could result in a cash flow crisis by years end.

Compliance is a big concern

As with any new regulatory change, compliance should be top of mind for all HHA stakeholders. Not only could noncompliance put your organization at financial risk, but it could also place the company in legal peril. Select Data software & services (SaaS) can help HHA understand what it takes to be compliant and work toward that goal. Agency’s must also have Condition of participation (CoP) Interpretive Guidelines, to be compliant with CoP §484.60.

Thanks to Select Data, you don’t have to face these challenges alone.  Coding to the highest level of specificity, our certified coders comply with ICD-10-CM coding conventions and CMS OASIS D coding guidelines. We are actively preparing for OASIS-D/ICD-10-CM, so we’ll be ready to switch smoothly and immediately on January 1, 2019. We perform many quality assurance functions for your agency. Outsourcing your coding to Select Data, eliminates your agency’s need to hire and retain specialized coding staff. That way, your clinicians can spend less time on paperwork and more time caring for people.

  • Improved Documentation
  • CoP Compliance §484.60
  • Accurate Coding
  • Compliant Billing
  • Reduced ADRs
  • Lower Re-hospitalization Rates

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How it Works

Submit Documentation

Submit your patient records through our secure HIPAA compliant web portal, SmartChart™ or provide us with a user license for your EMR and we will retrieve your documents for you.

Clinical Document Review

Our team of experienced home health RN coding specialists  and credentialed coders review your documents for accuracy, thoroughness, and consistency.  We ensure that the documents satisfy homebound status or terminal illness and medical necessity requirements before records are coded for payment.

Your agency is notified electronically of any questions regarding missing and incongruent data, and your clinician is prompted to log into SmartChart™ to provide missing documentation or answers our questions.  All correspondence between your clinicians and our coders are logged in SmartChart™ at the record level.

OASIS Review

Our OASIS review is performed by experts who can read narrative notes and detect errors that automated OASIS scrubbers can miss.  We review a minimum of twenty-two OASIS assessment data elements, plus the discipline-specific care plan to ensure each OASIS assessment is accurate.  Our coders make specific OASIS recommendations based on all documentation provided, ensuring your agency is coding all services rendered for accurately billing.


We review final corrected documentation and affixes compliant codes to the highest level of specificity.  We comply with ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM coding conventions and CMS coding guidelines. Final coding recommendations are submitted back to your agency for billing with a detailed log of our discussions with your clinicians.

We are actively preparing for transition to OASIS-D/ICD-10-CM, so we will be able to switch smoothly and immediately on January 1, 2019.

Reporting Results

We provide your agency with a live tracking tool, allowing your administrators to review all documentation requests and errors, categorized and benchmarked by clinician and error type.

Additional reports provide detailed information on key performance indicators, identifying opportunities for continuing education for your clinicians to improve their productivity.

We can also provide quarterly analysis of your agencies performance trends, showing you how to improve your profitability and compliance by reviewing your protocols against national benchmarks for utilization.

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Let us help your agency identify how errors are impacting your bottom line by reviewing your documentation and coding practices and showing you how to make strategic improvements.


OASIS Review

Select Data provides our clients with a comprehensive OASIS Review as a part of our Auditing and Coding.

Oasis Review


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