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We Do it Here: Don't Send Your PHI Offshore

At Select Data your medical coding stays on shore right here in America!


Select Data has provided Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services to the home health and hospice industry for over 25 years; using proprietary internal processes developed on the principles supporting pay for performance. Select Data has always embodied the American Values of innovation and hard work by investing in our community and country through the hiring of American workers. Select Data clients have seen improved revenue, experienced up to a 40% reduction in reportable hospital readmissions, and achieved improvements in their STAR ratings.

These results are achieved through Select Data’s unique process of accessing, abstracting, and analyzing each assessment. This analysis improves patient outcomes, “painting” a more accurate picture of the patient’s fragility and yielding agencies the full allowable reimbursement for billable services, while controlling utilization. The review team queries the agency for any inconsistent or incongruent information to ensure the accuracy of the recommendations and that all available data is captured to reflect the patient’s true medical fragility. The result is diagnosis coding to the highest level of specificity, a full OASIS review, and key process and treatment plan recommendations.

Call Select Data today to get more information on how our proprietary Assessment Review and Coding service can assist your agency in providing better patient and financial outcomes.

Check out our FREE 30-minute webinar for OASIS-C2 corrections and more. Select Connects with Clinicians webinar. Click here to read more.
Select Data is committed to a strong compliance program that includes educating all personnel on mitigating HIPAA breaches. For more information about Select Data and their commitment to quality in Home Health and Hospice, call 1.800. 332.0555.

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