Ed Buckley is a homecare industry veteran with over 20 plus years owning and managing home health agencies. Ed began Select Data to meet the management and data needs of agencies. His background in finance and management suits the company well in developing the products and services that agencies are asking for today.
Select Data combines proprietary hosted software with expert staff to give home health organizations administrative advantages not available elsewhere. Select Data’s system enables its hospital based clients to maximize efficiency and utilization within the home health agency. The overriding benefit to its clients is its efficient and compliance-based billing system which delivers a bad debt ratio of less than 1% while maintaining compliance with payer regulations. Prior to forming Select, Ed was hired as Director of Brea Home Health, Inc., a freestanding home health agency. After directing its operations for a period of time, he ultimately started his own agency and began functioning under the Select name. Preceding Brea Home Health, Ed was Administrator of Urgent Care West, a group of six industrial medicine clinics.
Ed continues to set the vision of the company moving it from a management company to a service provider to a software company that combines services. Ed continues to manage the day to day operations of the company as well as interacting with customers on a weekly basis.Ed holds a BA degree in Economics from UCLA.


“I would highly recommend Select Data. I think that their menu of clinical, operational and technical offerings are unique to our industry and provide the flexibility and performance that does not exist elsewhere. ” Bill Mead CFO, Catholic Health Services of Long Island

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