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Finally, a validated falls risk tool that is multi- focal and that no longer requires an accompanying single focused tool such as a TUG or Tinetti,

NAHC stated recently that home health agencies have struggled with inadequate falls risk assessment tools since the beginning of OASIS-

The Missouri Alliance for Home Care (MACHO) has recently released the validated multi functional falls risk assessment tool (MACHO-10). Per the Alliance, home health agencies now have a single tool for the OASIS requirement.

Per the Missouri Alliance, related to OASIS item M-1910, the OASIS-C Guidance Manual specifically states: “The multi-factor falls risk assessment must include at least one standardized tool that 1) has been scientifically tested in a population with characteristics similar to that of the patient being assessed and shown to be effective in identifying people at risk for falls; and 2) includes a standard response scale. The standardized tool must be both appropriate for the patient based on their cognitive and physical status and appropriately administered as indicated in the instructions.” It further goes on to say: “An agency may use a single comprehensive multi-factor fall risk assessment tool that meets the criteria as described in the item intent.”

The MACHO Home Care Fall Reduction Initiative states their initiatives aim to:

Reduce falls

Improve patient outcomes

Establish a baseline of falls in home care

Each quarter,  MACHO compiles fall data submitted by participating agencies and returns to the agencies both individual agency data analysis as well as collected data analysis of participating agencies as a whole.

The data is “meant for clinicians to use to report and track outcomes, identify trends, and improve care.” 

Now agencies can use one comprehensive validated tool to complete their assessment. However, some agencies state, that since therapy will more than likely use a TUG or Tinetti, the skilled nursing SOC will utilize the tool to be used by therapy so an admission baseline is established.Some agencies prefer an active gait and balance evaluation. It can now be a choice. 

Please go to the site below to view the exact tool


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