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Home Health and Hospice Coding Services

With over 20 years of experience in the Home Health and Hospice industry,

Select Data is uniquely qualified to assist your agency in turning operational challenges into revenue generating opportunities.


Professionalize your coding with our MasterCoding™ process and eliminate coding errors, reduce delays in reimbursement and decrease your risk of audit while capturing unclaimed revenue.

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Let us help your agency identify how errors are impacting your bottom line by reviewing your documentation and coding practices and showing you how to make strategic improvements.

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OASIS Review

Our experts read narrative notes and detect errors that automated OASIS scrubbers can miss. Let us show you how improving accuracy in your OASIS Assessments can improve patient care and coding.

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Revenue Management

We simultaneously validate claims and ensure billing requirements are met, while records are coded for billing.  We submit billing, post payments, and provide your agency with detailed financial statements.

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Professionalize your Agency’s Coding

Our certified coders and RNs work with your clinical staff to ensure your documentation is complete and your records are coded to the highest level of specificity.  Eliminate coding errors, reduce delays in reimbursement, and decrease your risk for audit.



As an added feature to our MasterCoding™ service, our clients have access to SmartChart™.  Our paperless chart system eliminates the need to have paper records in the office. SmartChart™ allows agencies to combine EMR data with history and physicals, and lab results, eliminating the need of a paper chart in the office and the limitations that come with having a physical chart. Gone are the days when clinicians need to come into the office to view records. SmartChart™ allows for user access from any computer, tablet or smartphone with a web connection, allowing employees to view the records remotely and converse with the office personnel.


  • Multi User Access from multiple locations and devices
  • Entire record stored in one central repository
  • EMR data combined with physical records
  • Reduces chart size and streamlines audits
  • Provide the caregivers a single web-based paperless chart.

Full Revenue Cycle Management

Through the use of our financial management software SelectAgencyManager™

you manage the day to day operations of scheduling and while we manage your billing and maintain compliance.

We simultaneously process patient eligibility, validate claims and ensure billing requirements are met, while records are coded for billing.  Run any one of over 300 reports to ensure your agencies compliance at every level of your operations.

Track Orders

Fax orders to physician without the need to print and mail

Schedule Visits

Automatically link visits to scheduling

Manage Clinicians

Manage clinician activities and track payroll


Compliant Billing

Submit billing through order center scheduling model

Manage Cash Flow

Manage account receivables for all payer classes

Run Reports

Over 300 automated reports available

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